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The SEED Technique

The embryo implantation or SEED technique was developed to eliminate tubal pregnancies and prevent embryos from falling out of the uterus when embryo replacement into the uterus. This technique also minimizes the chances of placenta previa after IVF by precise placement under direct visualization away from the lower uterine segment, securing its position by implanting the embryo into the endometrial lining (SEED). The HEED and SEED techniques, employing a visually targeted selective single embryo delivery (HEED) and a visually directed embryo implantation (SEED) of a single embryo, help optimize successful singleton deliveries while minimizing risks and side effects from IVF procedures.
What has not been mentioned in the double bind octuplet case is the use of the innovative technique of SEED (world’s first) that was at the crux of the issue. Only the visually targeted placement and implantation of the embryos at different sites in the endometrial cavity resulted in the delivery of those healthy babies. Now, they are 14 years old and healthy.

History Repeats Itself

History is fraught with many instances where people in positions of prominent authority have acted with hubris, mendacity, prejudice, and ignorance.
i. Professor Dr. Christian Barnard from South Africa pioneered the world’s first human heart transplant after the initial awe and wonder of the colleagues all around the world. His procedure has since evolved and saved millions of lives globally and enriched the mega institutions.

ii. Galileo was housebound because he discovered that the earth revolves around the sun and not as the then-popular belief of the opposite scenario.

iii. When Einstein published his famous theory of special relativity, a prominent professor of geological and physics from a prominent university went to a great length with a government grant to prove it wrong. He had employed a flawed experiment, and he was then forced to repeat the experiment at the government’s expense. Although the result proved that the professor was wrong in his first trial and ultimately confirmed Einstein’s theory, he was held back in Siberia for over a year before coming back to the US because of world war 1.

iv. Tesla, who invented the alternative current, which is the most widely used form of electricity worldwide, was attributed to creating a deadly current promoted by his infamous rival for use in capital punishment that continues until today.

v. SEED technology for implanting a targeted single embryo in IVF was so successful, contrary to what has been initially portrayed, that the babies are all healthy and are 14 to 20 years old. The merchant of Uruguay responsible for orchestrating such a scenario once again, at the state’s expense in tens of millions of dollars, accomplished his arrogance. He was quietly let go of his local directorship and later promoted to be the president of a national organization, only to be let go again soon after.