This is only a very small sampling of the over hundreds of letters ( with names erased) (and pictures, not shown);We would like to thank all of our patients for having kept in touch throughout the years, and would like to send to all of you the warmest regards and wish you all the best;

Dear Dr. Kamrava & Staff,

"Hope you know how much your effort appreciated!"

Thanks Again!
With Love..

February 9, 2009
Dear Dr. Kamrava,

"I wanted to write to offer my sincere support of you and all the good work you do at West Coast IVF Chnic. I couldn’t help but hear your name on the news today and I want you to know that if you ever need anyone to speak on behalf of your character or your practices, I would be happy to do so. You were professional, methodical, thoughtful and cautious throughout my treatment and I truly appreciate all you did for me. I credit you and I thank you for this beautiful baby growing in my belly. With gratitude,"


Dear Dr. Kamrava & Staff,

"Although the words are short and few,this brings the warmest thanks to you"

Nov,4, 1997

Thankyou !

Dear Dr. Kamrava & Staff,

"Here is the angle and joy have helped bring into my life. Thankyou for your support, Kindness and Caring ways !"

"Wishing You Peace and Happiness this Christmas Season."