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Sex Selection - A new scientific reality

As far back in time as ancient Chinese, Egyptian and Greek civilization, mankind wondered how to choose the sex of a child before its birth. Countless myths, folk remedies and magical potions were offered as solutions. Even in recent times authorities still advised couples to change times and frequency of intercourse, delay or promote orgasm, douche or even alter diets to cause the conception of either a male or female infant. There is no scientific evidence that any of these produced the desired results.

Scientists have known for most of this century that sperm carrying a Y-chromosome determines a male and one carrying an X-chromosome determines a female. In 1970, researchers discovered that the Y-chromosome-bearing sperm could be stained with a dye thereby making sex selection studies possible. Subsequently many methods for the separation of X- and Y-chromosome- bearing sperm were tested.

A technique developed by Dr. Ronald Ericson of Gametrics, Ltd., California, for both male and female selection has been used extensively and is presently offered by numerous centers in. the United States and other parts of the world. The sex selection process separates out the x- and Y-chromosome bearing sperm by allowing the husbands sperm to swim through increasingly thicker concentrations of human serum albumin. When the X- or Y- enriched sperm is collected, the physician will transfer the sample into the uterus of the wife close to the time of ovulation. This procedure requires approximately 4 hours to be completed and has a success rate of up to 80 %.

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