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Reproductive Technologies:

A Range of Treatments to Fit the Needs of the Infertile Couple

The parent of all of today's assisted reproductive technologies is IVF. Formerly, IVF (IN VITRO FERTILIZATION or the "test tube baby" process) was the final hope for couples who had exhausted all other infertility treatments. Over a decade of research and clinical application have changed IVF from a one size-fits-all treatment to a menu of assisted reproductive technologies (ART). It is now possible, after an infertility evaluation has been completed and if conventional treatments have failed, to tailor the advanced treatment to the particular needs of the couple, in order to maximize success. The assisted reproductive technologies now encompass office based IVF, GIFT, donor egg IVF surrogacy, and laboratory micromanipulation procedures used in conjunction with IVF, ICSI, genetic testing, office based IVF, TUFT and "EMBRYO IMPLANTATION".