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In recent years, intensive research in the field of in vitro fertilization (IVF) has resulted in new, simplified, lower cost and low-risk IVF procedures.

Because these procedures are less complicated and usually do not require sophisticated equipment or hospitalizations, costs are generally only one-half the cost of Standard IVF procedures.

And because these new approaches have eliminated extreme hormone therapy and surgeries--which until recently were necessary for effective IVF procedure--the health risks to both mother and child are dramatically reduced. In addition, in most cases, the chances of multiple births are less than standard IVF, and with use of "EMBRYO IMPLANTATION", ectopic pregnancies from IVF have been eliminated.

IVF couples today can experience a simplicity of care and a day-to-day normalcy. These procedures can be performed in the doctor's office.

Now, couples who battle infertility have a new possibility: procedures that are simple, safe, effective and more affordable.