IVF Embryo Implantation

IVF Embryo Implantation refers to implanting the embryo into the lining of the womb (uterus).

What is the advantage of the "EMBRYO IMPLANTATION"?

Patients will actually see the process on video monitor. It will reduce the chances that the embryo will fall out of the uterus, or that it will fall into the fallopian tube causing tubal pregnancy. Post IVF embryo implantation, the woman does NOT need to stay in bed for 2 days.

What is the disadvantage(s) of this procedure?

Possible scratching of the lining of the uterus so that pregnancy may not ensue.

Who is a candidate for this procedure?

Any patient undergoing IVF, specially patients with previously failed standard embryo transfers, patients with ectopic pregnancies and tubal disease.

How is it done?

It is done in an office setting using a special fiberoptic scope and camera plus a special tubing with a needlepoint, and it takes approximately two minutes to perform.


Implantation IVF Embryo Baby
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